If you are about to face your first away from home journey with your new hair system, it’s completely understandable if you feel nervous. 
Many users worry about how they will manage their locks away from their home comforts. 
Of course, there is no denying that you will need to pack some additional supplies when traveling with a new hair system. 
The supplies you need when traveling will be the same as you use at home, however packing and preparing your supplies ahead of time will make the whole experience less nerve-racking. 
We’ve put together our top tips for traveling with a new hair system below. 
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Pack the right Products 
You’ll need to make sure you pack adhesive for the length of your intended stay and maybe slightly more to account for all eventualities. 
If you traditionally use an adhesive liquid, how about using a tape for your trip? 
Tape is easier and quicker to apply. On the other hand, liquid adhesive has the potential to leak, and if yours is flammable, you might not be able to fly with it in your bag. 
Sun and light exposure will gradually oxidize your hair to a lighter, warmer color. 
To protect your hair don’t forget to take leave in - conditioner with UV filters. Some hair oil is essential too. 
Hair shredding
Don’t Over - pack 
A tip to apply to anything travel-related is not to take excessive amounts. When it comes to your hair system, there’s no need to take an entire bottle of maintenance supplies, put together a travel kit containing just the right amount of each product. 
To be extra discreet, you could use unmarked travel bottles to decant your products into. Save even more space by leaving the knot sealer and scalp protector at home for this trip. 
Sleep Soundly 
To avoid worrying over your hair while sleeping, pack a hair system-friendly silk or satin pillow. Egyptian cotton works well too.  
Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee the accommodation will have pillows suitable for your hair system. 
Pack a Hat 
Having a hat, cap, scarf or other head covering handy while travelling is always advisable. 
Besides protecting your hair from the UV rays, some sort of coverage will be helpful should circumstances cause your bond to unexpectedly loosen. 
Call KA Hair Solutions on 01 555 2903 today to start discussing your options. 
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