Once upon a time, there were very few options for people who were losing their hair ... 
Those experiencing hair loss would either have to comb over their remaining hair, use hair fibers to give the illusion of a fuller ‘do, wear an ill-fitting wig or simply put up with their receding hairline. 

Hair Replacement Systems – Before & After 

Losing your hair can be an extremely emotionally challenging experience... 
It can seriously affect your self-confidence and self-esteem levels. 
At KA Hair Solutions, we know that it isn’t simply a matter of your follicles thinning – anxiety over losing your hair can take over your life... 
Did you know that 25% of men start going bald by the time they are thirty? 
If this is an issue affecting you, remember that you’re not alone. 
We know that hair is an important aspect of your appearance and can cause great distress when it doesn’t look the way it should. That’s why we at KA Hair Solutions pride ourselves in providing affordable, high quality and very natural looking hair replacement systems. 
At KA Hair Solutions we deliver the latest breakthrough technology in Non-Surgical Hair Replacement and provide a more natural, durable alternative to traditional wigs/hair pieces for man and women at an affordable price. 
Fitting a hair replacement system 
The fitting process is usually quick and easy, although we will need to spend a little while making sure the hair system fits just right. 
Your hair system will be bonded, cut and styled to give you an individual look. 
During the fitting process, your existing hair will be blended with your new hair to create a fantastic new look. 
Hair is one of the most vital aspects of our appearance, affecting the way we look and feel. It can cause great distress and effects most of us. Losing hair is always difficult... 
Whether you’re 20, 30, 40, 50 or older, a receding hairline, thinning top or crown can affect your confidence and leave you feeling like you’re not yourself... 
One of the ways to tackle the issue and restore confidence is to invest in a hair replacement system. Affordable and effective, these systems can help you to get back your confidence and help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted! 
For most men and women dealing with hair loss, the main consideration when looking for a hair replacement system is how natural will it look. People experiencing hair loss want to know that the replacement system they use will look realistic and give them back their confidence. 
If you’re considering investing in your first hair replacement system, you probably have a lot of questions about how these innovative products work and how they’re maintained. Understanding exactly what’s involved in enjoying and caring for a hair replacement system will help you decide if this is the right solution for you. 

Most common causes of hair loss in men 

Although it can be a very personal thing to go through, hair loss is something that affects a huge number of men across the UK and around the world. Understanding what might be behind your hair loss could help you come to terms with thinning hair and even help you find solutions that will help you cope with the issue. 

Is your lack of hair keeping you from the festive fun? 

Even though hair loss is incredibly common, many people still feel self-conscious when their locks begin to thin. All too often, this results in both men and women turning down invitations and avoiding social situations. 
Overcoming this lack of confidence is therefore essential if you’re going to take full advantage of the upcoming party season. With more work dos, drinks parties and evening soirees than you can shake a stick at, now is the perfect time to put your hair loss worries behind you, get out and have some fun. 
Christmas Party

Men's hair loss – six quick facts on hair replacement systems 

Although hair loss is incredibly common among men, losing your hair can be very personal and every man’s experience will be different. 
Whether your hair is thinning due to hereditary hair loss, pattern baldness, alopecia or trichotillomania, the way it impacts on your life, your self-image and your confidence will be unique to you. 
If you’re currently experiencing hair loss, a hair system could help to restore your confidence. Non - surgical hair replacement is incredibly effective and can transform the way you look and feel. 
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