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Posts tagged “Men's Hair Loss”

Most common causes of hair loss in men 

Although it can be a very personal thing to go through, hair loss is something that affects a huge number of men across the UK and around the world. Understanding what might be behind your hair loss could help you come to terms with thinning hair and even help you find solutions that will help you cope with the issue. 

Men's hair loss – six quick facts on hair replacement systems 

Although hair loss is incredibly common among men, losing your hair can be very personal and every man’s experience will be different. 
Whether your hair is thinning due to hereditary hair loss, pattern baldness, alopecia or trichotillomania, the way it impacts on your life, your self-image and your confidence will be unique to you. 
If you’re currently experiencing hair loss, a hair system could help to restore your confidence. Non - surgical hair replacement is incredibly effective and can transform the way you look and feel. 
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