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Posts from November 2020

Although a high-quality hair system should look good even when it’s not styled, adding a little structure and definition to your hair can help it look even better. What’s more, finding a hairstyle that suits you well can help to boost your confidence and ensure you feel comfortable when out and about with your hair system. 
If you’re not sure what type of hairstyle would best suit your look, take a look at our list of popular and on trend ‘dos. As well if you already wear a hair replacement system, then, this is the perfect place to choose the next haircut for you. 
Slicked Back Messy Hair 
Slicked back, messy hair is a great choice for men with hair systems and it allows you to easily blend your natural hair with the hair on the system. 
To help keep your hair looking deliberately messy, run some gel through your fingers before evenly dispersing the product through your hair. 
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