Winter has well and truly arrived… 
The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping, but the weather is still nice enough to enjoy some fun outside. 
The cold weather is probably tempting you to pop a hat on your head to keep warm. 
If you’ve got a hair replacement system then you should carefully consider what you use to cover up your hair and what to look for when it comes to hoods, hats, headscarves and even helmets. 

What to Avoid and what to Look for when wearing Hats, Hoods and Helmets 

While they might look cosy, knitted or crocheted wool or cotton hats can damage your hair. 
Even the fleece or flannel lining in your hat will do the same. Short, Velcro-like fibers catch and pull on your hair, causing annoying knotting, tangling, and breakage. 
They also cause your hair to dry out as they absorb moisture from the hair. 
Whereas not so much of a problem with short hair, hoods on coats and hoodies can cause unnecessary tangling for longer hair, as hair sitting in the hood bunches up and tangles as you move around. 
If you regularly need to wear a helmet for work, riding, or whatever it is you wear a helmet for, we recommend that you wear a headscarf under it. 
This will protect your hair from friction caused by taking your helmet on and off, which causes shedding, it will protect your bond from the constant tension as well. 
It’s not a necessity, but if you're trying to get the most longevity out of your hair system, you better wear it. 
Helpful Hat Hints 
Here’s our super quick roundup of how to keep cosy and protect your hair replacement system at the same time: 
● Look at the lining – choose hats and hoods that are lined with faux fur, satin, polyester, acetate, nylon or acrylic. 
● Avoid knitted or crocheted hats as they’re full of tiny spaces for your hair to get caught in. Choose hats that are woven for a smoother surface. 
● Make sure you’ve got the right amount of room and avoid tight hats as they can create friction on your hair causing shedding. 
● Fuzzy fibres will cause frizzy hair so if that’s not the look you’re after, steer clear. 
● Dry hair only. Never put a hat or hood over your hair when it’s wet, to prevent excessive tangling and matting 
Just because you wear a hair replacement system doesn't mean you can’t enjoy a cosy hat or hood this winter. But, by making informed choices you can make sure you protect your hair and help it withstand the winter weather in style. 
Call KA Hair Solutions on 01 555 2903 today to start discussing your options. 
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