We’ve officially entered the summer season in Ireland and are finally experiencing warm and sunnier climes on the regs – yay! 
However, despite the joy that sunshine brings, it can also potentially wreak havoc with your hair system. Make sure you’re keeping your hair well looked after during the summer with our top tips below. 
What to do when you’re swimming in pools or in the sea  
Salt and chlorine can dry out hair systems, so keeping your hair protected is essential. 
Hair systems can only hold so much moisture, so if you completely wet your hair before taking a dip, it won't absorb as much chlorine or salt. You could also apply some leave-in conditioner for further protection as it’ll help stop the salt or chlorine from clinging to the hair. Rinse as soon as possible once you’ve finished swimming to ensure there’s no residue. 
Swimming in the sea with a hair system
What to do when you’re sunbathing 
The sun’s intense UV rays can cause your hair system to oxidise. This can cause a brassy appearance, especially in blonde hair. Before sitting in the sunshine, make sure you apply some UV protection. There are many sprays on the market specially designed for hair. If you want a bit more shielding, make sure you wear a hat too. Look for hats lined with satin, polyester, acetate, nylon or acrylic. This is because they will stop your hair from going frizzy and getting the dreaded ‘hat hair’ look. Make sure your hair is dry before wearing a hat. If it’s wet, you could end up with tangles and frizz. 
Sunbathing on the beach with a hair system
What to do when you’re hot and sweaty 
Unfortunately, in high temperatures, the bond on your hair system could break down a little faster than usual. 
You can try using a stronger tape, extra tapes or adhesive or a little bit of liquid adhesive to touch up the areas that have lifted. If you notice an odour, this could be from the bond reacting with the excess sweat and oil your body produces in the heat. You could avoid this by using a scalp freshener or deodoriser before attaching the hair system – if you can plan in advance. 
We hope you find these tips useful when caring for your hair system this summer. Enjoy your time in the sun, and make sure you protect your skin too! 
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