Curly hair systems can be unpredictable when trying to maintain a particular style, as curly hair tends to get fluffy or frizzy. 
Curly hair systems can be unpredictable when trying to maintain a particular style, as curly hair tends to get fluffy or frizzy.
Check out our maintenance tips: 
Comb or brush correctly 
1) It’s best to use a wide-tooth comb, especially for small curls such as kinks and yaki. Comb gently and slowly – do not pull or rake. If the hair is relatively long, you should divide it into several segments. Start from the tips and gradually move up. Your hand is also a good substitute. Generally speaking, you can simply use your fingers to brush and style your curly hair. 
2) Never brush or comb the hair while wet, the curls will come apart and go frizzy. Be careful with synthetic grey curly hair, too, as it can tangle very easily if it becomes frizzy. 
Wash the hair system correctly 
1) Wash the hair at least once a week. This is especially true for those who often use hairspray and wax. The way to wash a human hair system is actually as simple as washing your own hair and only takes a few minutes. 
First, wet the hair with warm water, then add a soft shampoo and conditioner. 
It’s important not to be rough when rubbing these products in. Allow the water to go through the hair and gently rinse out the shampoo. Make sure the hair is flowing in one direction to prevent any tangles. 
2) Rubbing, scrubbing, swirling or piling your hair on top of your head while shampooing can be disastrous for curls. This type of manipulation leads to tangles you don’t even want to think about! 
If the hair is already tangled or snarled, don’t brush it directly with your fingers. Instead, apply a conditioner or hair oil to dry hair before washing. 
First, divide the hair into several sections and thoroughly work the conditioner in. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes, then use a rat-tail comb to separate the tangles. 
Next, wash with shampoo to clean it again, after that, apply more conditioner or hair oil to further protect the texture. One thing to note when washing the hair is that you need to make sure that all shampoo and conditioner are washed out. If there’s any conditioner remaining on the hair roots, the roots will gradually corrode, and the hair on the hair system will shed quicker. 
3) After washing, press the hair with a soft towel to absorb the excess water – don’t rub. The hair should be left to dry naturally in a well-ventilated place. 
Use hair oil regularly 
Hair conditioner and hair oil are two completely different things. A hair conditioner can make hair smooth after washing but not strong. Hair oil, on the other hand, not only smooths but can also nourish and repair. Use hair oil every 3-4 days and your hair system will last much longer. 
Argan Oil
Stay away from high temperatures 
1) Don’t use hot water to wash curly hair, only warm or cold. 
Some people like using a hairdryer as it helps to give a good shape. However, high temperatures can reduce the natural moisture of hair by 2-3%. This makes the hair fragile, destroys the fibrin, and makes it dry and rough. The hair will also lose its vitality and lustre, so try not to use a hairdryer too often, just let it dry naturally. 
2) Try to avoid secondary styling. 
Curly hair system have already been treated with acid, bleached and undergone high-temperature dyeing and perming. Therefore, the hair is not as healthy nor as strong as raw hair. The hair system cannot withstand lots more chemical processing. The same goes for synthetic hair system – high temperatures can even make them melt. 
Use a soft silk pillowcase 
If you wear a hair system in bed, use a silk pillowcase to help keep the curls sleek and in shape. Rough, cotton pillowcases can cause the hair to tangle and frizz. 
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