As we approach International Men’s Health Week, here at KA Hair we thought we should discuss how hair loss can impact our lives. 
Hair loss, as we grow old gracefully, isn’t uncommon. In fact, it can affect up to 50% of men and women at some point in their lives. 
If you’ve reached a point where your hair is thinning, you are probably keen to find out the cause, and there are a few possibilities. 
It could be hereditary, stress-related or another factor. In most cases, hair loss is genetic or caused by a condition called androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. 
Whatever the cause of the hair loss, it can cause distress and negatively impact self-esteem. 
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The Effect of Hair Loss 
You might be surprised to hear that many men who have started losing their hair report that it led to them suffering with their mental health. Yet, most men are reluctant to discuss the issue or openly say that their hair loss is causing them upset. 
It’s also interesting that men deal with the gradual appearance of grey hairs and wrinkles comparatively well, but there’s something different about how we react to losing our hair that can cause mental health struggles with feelings of depression and anxiety taking over. 
Many studies have shown the link between male pattern hair loss and lower self-esteem, and loss of confidence. 
In particular, it can damage our self-perception. 
It’s not just how we think others will see us but how we see ourselves and determine our self-worth in society. 
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In this insta-perfect, social media-driven world, we have become conditioned to believe that without good looks, we are worthless. 
Depression and anxiety are genuine side effects of hair loss. 
If you are feeling consumed by your own hair loss journey, it’s important not to jump on board any quick fixes that the internet is full of. Many of these will not give the desired results and can lead to further feelings of despair. 
Stress and Hair Loss 
Apart from medical conditions such as male pattern baldness, stress, anxiety and depression can actually cause hair loss. 
When hair loss is caused by mental health struggles, including stresses at work or within your home life it may be possible to get treatment from your GP and for your hair to grow back naturally. 
Usually there is a delay of around three months from the stressful experience to when hair loss occurs. 
Unless there’s an underlying reason for the hair loss, it is possible to recover from it. 
If this sounds like you, then taking steps to reduce your stress levels can help your hair regrowth, consider making some of the following lifestyle changes to reduce your stress levels: 
● Drink plenty of water and eat healthily 
● Get enough sleep, ideally 7-8 hours each night 
● Take up regular exercise 
● Talk through your problems with someone 
● Engage in some mindfulness activities such as meditation and yoga 
Above all else try not to panic, hair loss caused by stress is usually treatable. 
If you are worried, consult GP or specialists who will be able to advise on testing available to diagnose the reason for your hair loss. 
Call KA Hair Solutions on 01 555 2903 today to start discussing your options. 
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