Roughly how long hair system gonna last? 
A hairsystems lifespan starts when you have it fitted and finishes when it is completely worn out – at which point you must get a new one. The answer to this question can vary depending on your activity and lifestyle. 
Moreover, consider how you'll take care of the hair system and what products you'll apply. Most clients hair systems lasts 6 - 8 months; however, some clients get up to 12 months before getting a replacement. 
How long does a hair system stay bonded? 
How long a toupee can stay bonded depends significantly on the adhesives and tapes used. If used properly, most hair system glues or adhesives will keep it fixed for 3–4 weeks. 
Maintenance is necessary to keep your hair system in place and looking its best. 
Without regular maintenance, it can become loose and damaged, reducing its lifespan. 
How do you maintain a toupee? 
We offer hair system maintenance in a completely private and personal setting. Depending on the client's specific requirements, preferences and skin type, hair system maintenance appointments may be scheduled every 3 weeks or monthly. 
It is advisable to return at least once a month for a Refusion, which typically takes 1-2 hours. This entails cleaning your hair system with specialised cleaning agents to eliminate excess glue or other debris. A hair wash and scalp exfoliating treatment are also included. 
We will trim your hair, fit and fuse your hair system, and style it to match any existing natural hair. 
KA Hair Systems salon
Our main priority is to provide the best quality services in a very relaxing, private, calming atmosphere. 
Text or call 087 333 7476 to schedule your hair system maintenance today! 
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