At KA Hair Solutions we deliver the latest breakthrough technology in Non-Surgical Hair Replacement and provide a more natural, durable alternative to traditional wigs/hair pieces for man and women at an affordable price. 
Fitting a hair replacement system 
The fitting process is usually quick and easy, although we will need to spend a little while making sure the hair system fits just right. 
Your hair system will be bonded, cut and styled to give you an individual look. 
During the fitting process, your existing hair will be blended with your new hair to create a fantastic new look. 
We don't just aim to make you look as good as you did, we are striving for you to look even better! 
Maintaining your hair system 
Aside from providing you with the best Hair Replacement Systems available, we will provide you with high-quality hair replacement products in order to keep your hair system looking its best. 
We offer a range of different products and can recommend which ones will work best for your particular hair system and your particular lifestyle. 
Once it’s been fitted, maintaining your hair system is pretty straightforward. You can style it just like you would style your own hair! 
Easy Care & Maintenance 
Once your hair is restored, most of the clients drop in only once a month for a maintenance. 
The results of hair replacement application will last according to how you care for it, the products you use on it and the composition of your own skin. 
We will provide you with specific and customised information about maintaining your hair based on your personal hair restoration needs and expectations. 
The more you care for your new hair system, the longer it will last and the more use you’ll get out of your investment. 
Find out more about hair replacement systems, or arrange a free consultation, by exploring our site or getting in touch with a member of our team. 
We have years of experience and can help you achieve the most natural results and restore your hair! 
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