You will have heard of New Year's resolutions, but how about investing in some new hair this year instead? 
Treat yourself and boost your self-esteem with a hair replacement system from KA Hair Solutions. If you’re tired of hiding your thinning hair or boldness under a hat, think of how liberated you will feel with a full head of hair, ready to show off to the world! 
New Year New Hair 2023
What is a hair replacement system? 
It’s virtually-undetectable matrix of crisscrossing, transparent fibres specifically shaped to fit the balding and thinning areas of your scalp. 
Real human hair are added one strand at a time to a base, precisely duplicating the unique organic pattern that it grows in on your head. 
A hair restoration system’s purpose is to rapidly and non-surgically cover the areas of the head where there is apparent hair loss or thinning. 
At KA Hair Solutions, our hair replacement systems for men are carefully and individually created to appear undetectable and natural. 
How does it work? 
Your hair replacement system will be made specifically for you. 
It will be colour-matched, cut and styled to blend seamlessly with your existing or non-existing hair. It will also be shaped and scaled to match your specific balding pattern. 
Once bonded we will complete your look by cutting and styling your hair. 
Hair Replacement is a non-surgical procedure, so there is no incision, no pain, scarring or any side effects! 
Will people be able to tell that I’m wearing a hair system? 
You can do a full replacement in one session for a dramatic, immediate change or choose a gradual option that restores your hair in less-noticeable way. 
Our hair systems blend seamlessly over your head, including the front hairline. 
We promise that the system will be completely undetectable, natural and flawlessly integrated with your own hair. 
How do I maintain hair system? 
Once your hair is restored, just drop in once a month for an appointment. 
The results of hair replacement application will last according to how you care for it, the products you use on it and the composition of your own scalp and hair. 
A maintenance appointment is usually 1-2 hours. 
In terms of everyday maintenance at home, you are free to wash it, blow dry it or style it as you please. 
Don’t be afraid to play sports or work out; it will stay in place and feel natural. 
Reasons to get a hair replacement system for New Year 
● Look and feel younger 
● Get your confidence back 
● Build your self-esteem 
● Restore your hair to it’s former look 
Contact our friendly team today for a free consultation; you’ll be so glad you did. 
We don't just aim to make you look as good as you did, we are striving for you to look even better! 
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