Most common causes of hair loss in men 

Although it can be a very personal thing to go through, hair loss is something that affects a huge number of men across the UK and around the world. Understanding what might be behind your hair loss could help you come to terms with thinning hair and even help you find solutions that will help you cope with the issue. 
A lot of the time, hair loss is pre-programmed into our genes. If your father and grandfathers all suffered from hair loss, there’s a good chance you will too. Although living a low-stress lifestyle may help you to limit hair loss, or at least put it off for a few years, avoiding it altogether will probably not be possible. 
Your diet will have a big impact on the strength and health of your hair. If you’ve suddenly lost a lot of weight, are low in iron or don’t eat enough protein, it can accelerate hair loss and make your hair appear thin and dull. Try taking a multivitamin and giving your diet an overhaul. Eating lots of fresh fruit and veg, as well as nuts, fish and lean meats, will help to give your hair the nutrition it needs. 
As well as turning your hair grey, high levels of stress can cause your hairline to recede and your locks to thin. If your job is very stressful, or your home life has got you feeling exhausted, it could well be having a negative impact on your hairline. If possible, try to reduce the level of stress you’re exposed to on a daily basis. If this isn’t an option, look at coping techniques like yoga, mindfulness and meditation. These may just help you to lower your stress levels and slow hair loss. 
Almost all men lose their hair as they age. From the age of 30, hair growth begins to slow and the volume of your hair will begin to decrease. Over the years, your hair will probably begin to appear thinner and you may notice bald patches developing. You can either choose to embrace your new look, or you can opt for a hair replacement option and return to your old look. 
Skin conditions 
Some skin conditions can have an impact on hair growth. Both psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis can cause hair to thin and fall out. If you think this might be the cause of your hair loss, talk to a dermatologist about possible treatments. 
Understanding the possible causes of a receding hairline can help you cope with hair loss and possibly find ways to treat or slow your condition. Find out more about hair loss and hair replacement solutions by exploring our site today. 
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