We know that hair is an important aspect of your appearance and can cause great distress when it doesn’t look the way it should. That’s why we at KA Hair Solutions pride ourselves in providing affordable, high quality and very natural looking hair replacement systems. 
Once your hair has been restored, we know you will want to feel confident about living your life again without worrying about which products are safe for your hair replacement system. 
Don’t be worrying, they are made from real human hair, so they are compatible with every hair product out there. Just like your natural hair, there are certain products that will work better for your hair than others and we’re on hand to point you in the right direction if you need us to. 

Your primary concern when you have a hair replacement system is keeping hair as healthy as possible. 

To help keep your hair replacement system looking it’s best, we recommend only using shampoo when you need it. 
To help keep your hair replacement system looking it’s best, we recommend only using shampoo when you need it. 
Preventing your hair from drying out is paramount, so we recommend conditioning your hair every day, using a leave-in conditioner. This will hydrate and strengthen your hair, keeping it healthy and strong for as long as possible. 
Beyond that, comb and style it exactly as you would your own hair and even use hair products to get the precise look you desire and help to keep your hair in place. 
What’s more, to give you further peace of mind, when you choose a KA Hair Solution’s hair replacement system, we provide you with high-quality hair replacement products to help you keep your hair system looking its best. 
We stock a range of products and we’re always ready to help you with any advice you might need about which products will fit in with your lifestyle and hobbies as well as suiting your particular hair system. And if you’re hobbies or lifestyle change, then we will give you up-to-date advice at your next appointment. 
Working out how to use hair products on a full head of natural hair can be difficult enough in this modern age of powders, sprays, gels, waxes, pomades and creams, let alone if you have a hair replacement system to protect. 
Get in touch for any advice you might need, to arrange a free consultation or to schedule your hair replacement system maintenance appointment. 
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