Does working out make a difference in hair system attachments❓ 
Lady doing yoga - Does working out make a difference in hair system attachments?
Unfortunately there is no cut and dry answer to the question. 
Break down time of adhesives vary from one wearer to another regardless of whether they workout or not. Everyone's skin type and body chemistry is different and the adhesives will break down according to how each individual's body chemistry reacts with them. 
If you are sweating a lot or have very oily skin, the adhesive is likely to break down faster. Another factor that can affect hold time is if the adhesive has gotten wet within 24 hours of bonding. The adhesive should remain dry for a full 24 hours in order to cure properly. If not, it may not cure properly. 
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We promise, your system will not fall off or become displaced once it is applied correctly. 
You can feel secure doing any activities in your hair system that you would normally do, including working out, playing football, basketball, yoga, even swimming and any other sports you enjoy. 
Working out doesn’t have to be a Worry, have Fun with it! 
Find out more about KA Hair Solutions and check out our Hair Systems or call us for a confidential chat on +353 1 555 2903.  
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