Top Five Tips For Looking After Your Hair System This Summer 

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Hair system care is a hot topic all year round, but when June hits and summer starts, inquiries really heat up.  
Everyone wants to know how to protect hair systems and maintain bonds in sun, heat, and humidity. 
As we head into travel season, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind when traveling to a warm or humid climate when it comes to your hair system. Here are some of the problems you may run into, and some tips to handle them! 
1. ️Chlorine or salt water damage 
Although you don't need to avoid the water, you do need to take precaution to prevent your hair from drying out. The salt in the ocean water and chlorine in the pool can really dry out a hair system if you do not care for it properly. Avoiding damage is really easy though! 
Hair can only hold so much moisture, so if you load it up with the good stuff prior to swimming, it won't absorb as much of the salt and chemicals. Just wet the hair prior to getting in the pool or ocean water and apply some leave-in conditioner. Rinse your hair out as soon as possible once you are done swimming and you're good to go! 
2. Oxidation 
When the sun rays are beating down a bit brighter, you will probably notice that your system oxidizes faster. You will want to be sure that you are using products with UV protection. You will definitely want to apply some product before heading out for a long day in the sun, but it can even be helpful to reapply the product throughout the day, just like sunscreen! If you want a little bit of extra protection against the sun, just throw on a loose fitting hat or light scarf. 
3. Odor 
If you start to notice a little bit of an odor, there is no need to be alarmed! 
This is actually to be expected as we move into the summer months. It is the result of your bond reacting with the excess sweat and oil that your body is producing in the warmer climate. This is definitely something that you should be proactive about, as it is much easier to prevent than it is to fix. Make sure you or your hair specialist applies a bit of Scalp Freshener while preparing your scalp for attachment, and it will keep that odor to a minimum. 
4. ️Shorter hold time and earlier lifting 
The last thing that you want to worry about during some much needed relaxation is the security of your bond. Unfortunately, a bond will typically break down a bit faster as the temperature rises. In reality, any extreme weather can actually affect your bond. This can be a bit tricky to fix, as everyone does something different for their attachment. 
Some people will try a stronger tape or adhesive while they are traveling. For example, if they typically use a tape that offers a 1-2 week hold time, they may try something that can last 4+ weeks. If you choose to do this, we really recommend doing a trial run prior to your trip, so that you can be sure you will not have any adverse reactions to the new product. We also recommend that anyone traveling to a warm area to use a product called No Sweat to help lengthen the bond. Unfortunately some clients will find that no matter what they do, they will have some lifting during their trip. If you have only a little bit of lifting along the hairline, for example, use a little bit of liquid adhesive to touch up your bond in that area. However, be sure to have enough products on hand in case you do need to do a full reattachment on your trip. 
5. Be Prepared❗️ 
You really need to make sure that you are prepared for anything that you may run into. It can be helpful to take a backup unit with you, just in case of emergency. Keep a hat or light scarf handy in case you need to hide a lifting hairline. Most importantly, make sure you have all of the necessary supplies with you. 
If you keep all of this in mind and make the proper preparations, your hair system should be the last thing you worry about during your trip. After all, isn't the point of a vacation to have nothing on your mind other than Fun and Relaxation 
For more information and peace of mind before you take your summer holiday call KA Hair Solutions on +353 1 555 2903 or check out the Hair System Maintenance page on our website. 
Happy Summer Time! 
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