Once upon a time, there were very few options for people who were losing their hair ... 
Those experiencing hair loss would either have to comb over their remaining hair, use hair fibers to give the illusion of a fuller ‘do, wear an ill-fitting wig or simply put up with their receding hairline. 
Luckily for those experiencing hair loss today, there are a lot more options available. 
Two of the most popular are hair replacement systems and transplants. With both offering a variety of pros and cons, it’s important to think about which solution is right for you. To help you make your mind up, we’re taking a closer look at hair replacement systems vs transplants. 
When it comes to cost, there’s no doubt hair replacement systems come out on top. Hair transplants can be incredibly expensive, as you might need to get procedure done twice and as your natural hair continues to recede you even may need to revisit your surgeon again and again. 
More reliable and less risky than a transplant, hair replacement systems are the perfect option for people who want to reclaim their confidence and their look. 
Hair replacement systems are way less expensive and much more affordable. 
What’s more, as your hairline changes, you can simply adapt your new hair system, ensuring your head of hair always looks its best! 
Bespoke hair replacements systems are designed to perfectly fit the contours of your scalp. This means that they’re very comfortable to wear. 
Clients absolutely love them for light, comfortable and airy feel. 
Hair Replacement is a non-surgical procedure, so there is no incision, no pain, scarring or any side effects! 
Faster and less expensive than surgery, high-quality, non-surgical hair replacement process re-creates the look and feel of your own natural hair. 
Hair transplants can be very painful. Especially in the initial weeks and months following the procedure. 
Complications like infections are possible with hair transplants and you may experience discomfort for some time following the procedure. Once the transplant has settled in however, you shouldn’t experience any more discomfort. 
Any type of cosmetic procedure is a bit of a gamble and the results of a hair transplant can’t be guaranteed. While some people might enjoy a great head of hair for years to come following a transplant, for others, the results will be not great and sometimes not what they have had expected at all. 
Hair replacement systems on the other hand offer guaranteed results. As long as you use a company with a talented team of hair replacement specialists to create your system, you’ll end up with a hair system that will blend perfectly with your existing locks an a very natural looking result. 
Over the years, you can update your system to reflect your changing style, ensuring your hair always looks the part. 
Do you want to get on with your life without having to worry about your hair? 
Simply give us a call 01 555 2903 or fill in contact form and we will arrange a discreet, no obligation consultation. 
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