Whether you are rocking a hair system or natural locks when you spend time outside or exposing your hair to any UV lights, chemicals, or hair products, your hair can take on reddish tones or lighten over time. This is caused by a natural process known as Oxidation. 
What is Oxidation? 
Oxidation is a simple chemical change that can alter the colouring of a hair system over time. It is a direct result of the loss of pigment – specifically green pigment – in the hair shafts, caused by exposure to the elements or chemicals. 
Oxidation causes the microscopic outer layer of hair follicles to peel back, releasing green color pigments and leaving behind red pigments, and thus producing a reddish undertone that you will see due to the damage. 
The processed hair used in hair systems is very vulnerable, because most of the protective cuticle layer has been removed. Because of this, it is likely to fade faster than growing hair. Synthetic hair can also oxidise through a similar chemical process. In order to prevent this, it's important to care for your hair system properly and to make original colour last longer. 
Here are a few tips to help you easily maintain color longer: 
How to Prevent Oxidation 
● Protect your hair system from the sun. Use products that create a barrier against the sun’s rays. If you are outside for an extended period or in scorching weather, consider wearing a hat or baseball cap to protect your hair system and skin. 
● Use colour protecting products. Choose sulphate-free shampoo and conditioners or others designed for colour protection. These will help prolong the vibrancy of your hair colour. In addition, conditioning your hair system will prevent early oxidation and keep your locks soft and manageable. 
Some great colour depositing hair products are available that are gentle on your hair and delay the need for permanent hair colour to be applied. 
For best results, use these products as soon as you notice early signs of oxidation occurring. 
Once the hair color changes drastically, color-depositing products are less effective. Generally, the longer you leave the product on, the darker your color will get. 
With your first use, you can expect the hair color to darken by one to two shades. 
The color will deepen with repeated use. 
● Apply a permanent colour. 
If you feel your hair system has oxidized to the point of needing colour, we strongly recommend to get it done only by professionals. 
Hair loss and the mental effects - man standing on a mountain top overlooking a lake
The chemicals of permanent colourants can be harsh on the hair system, and doing this at home often risks damage to the hair. Unfortunately we cannot match all colors, such as systems with highlights or gray hair, as gray hair is resistant to color. You should only use non-professional colour kits if you are comfortable doing so, as the results can be a bit of a guessing game. These color kits don’t have instructions specific to hair systems, and the color you see on the side of the box may not be your end result. 
Don’t leave color on as long as instructed. The hair in a system doesn’t have a cuticle, so color is absorbed very quickly. More than likely, the final color will be darker than you anticipated. 
Avoid getting color on the base of your system, because it will stain. 
By taking care of your hair system in the usual way and following our tips, you can avoid oxidation of your hair system, keep your hair looking vibrant and avoid needing to recolour. 
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