Hair fibres are a quick-fix solution for camouflaging hair loss and filling in those thinning areas of your scalp. They are made of keratin protein and stick to your existing hair, giving it a thicker and fuller appearance. Hair fibres are easy to use. 
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We’re going to list the pros and cons of using hair fibres and our verdict on whether they’re worth trying or not. 
Pros of Hair Fibres 
Instant coverage, it takes seconds to create a camouflage look 
Come in a variety of colours, so it’s relatively easy to find a fairly good match for your own hair 
Some are water resistant, providing more durable coverage 
Provide a natural-looking finish 
Made from natural keratin – a protein that we produce in our hair and nails to keep them strongYou can do it yourself at home. 
Many of them comes with various application tools, so you can apply them purposefully without making any mess. 
Great for temporary coverage for situations where you will be on a conference video call, photographed or when attending special event. 
Cons of Hair Fibres 
Not a long-term solution. You have to reapply every day 
Although they come in a variety of colours, it’s unlikely you will find an exact match for your own hair 
Under brightly lit conditions, it can look obvious that you are using a hair fibres 
Although some are water resistant, they are not waterproof – this means you cannot go swimming or take a shower 
Hair fibers can come off when you sweat. Especially if you do not use a hair fiber holding spray. 
If you get caught out in the rain with hair fibers in your hair most likely they will be running down your forehead and neck. 
They can easily transfer colour onto hands, clothing and bed linen 
Some of the ingredients can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation or itchiness 
Once they’re in your hair, you cannot touch them. Neither can anyone else. 
Sunbathing on the beach with a hair system
How to Use Hair Fibres 
Make sure your hair is completely dry and already styled. 
Start by putting just a little bit of product and slowly build it up for even coverage and a more natural look. 
To help keep your look intact, you may want to try using a fibre hold spray. 
Once you’ve finished spraying, you cannot brush, style or touch your hair, so it’s important to get it right the first time. 
In conclusion, although hair fibres are quick-fix solution, we don’t think they’re a good choice for long-term usage. 
We think this because they’re too restrictive when it comes to getting your hair wet, they aren’t a perfect colour match, and they require too many applications – which when you calculate how many bottles you use per year say, it makes them pretty expensive for something that’s not ideal. 
So why not consider a non-surgical hair replacement instead? 
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