For most men and women dealing with hair loss, the main consideration when looking for a hair replacement system is how natural will it look. People experiencing hair loss want to know that the replacement system they use will look realistic and give them back their confidence. 
However, although aesthetics are of course very important, cost is also a key consideration. Finding a system that offers fantastic results at a great price will help people experiencing hair loss to find a permanent solution to the issue. 
How much does a hair system cost? 
As our hair replacement systems are carefully tailored to each individual, the cost of each piece will vary from person to person. While one individual might want a small system that just covers a specific area, where hair is missing another may want a more extensive system that covers a bigger area of scalp. 
Our real human hair system prices depend on many specifications and your personal preferences, so it's difficult to give a price without consultation. 
When you come for your first consultation we will assess your needs and talk you through the available options. 
Once you’ve got a better idea of the exact hair system you want, we’ll be able to give you an accurate idea of what it will cost. 
Our hair replacement systems offer excellent value for money. As long as their properly cared for, some of our systems could last up to a year, giving you a huge amount of use out of your bespoke investment. Most of the clients get 2 hair systems a year. 
We are always on hand to offer tips and advice on care and maintenance, but you’ll have to come in for regular maintenance appointments to ensure your hair system is in great condition and always looks fantastic. 
Aside from providing you with the hair replacement system, we will provide you with high-quality hair replacement products in order to keep your hair system looking its best. 
We offer a range of different products and can recommend which ones will work best for your particular hair system and your particular lifestyle. 
Value for money 
When compared to other hair replacement solutions, our systems offer incredible value for money. Not only do they look and feel realistic, their longevity and versatility means you’ll have your confidence restored instantly! 
You can make paying for your hair replacement system even easier by arranging a Payment Plan. At KA Hair Solutions we make paying for your non-surgical hair replacement treatment as easy as possible. 
Once you pay for your first system in full and get it fitted, we can arrange a payment plan that suits your needs, depending on the number of hair systems you want to get annually, including fittings and maintenance visits. 
Each payment plan helps you to spread the cost of your hair replacement and has affordable weekly or monthly payments to meet your budgeting needs. 
This helps to make hair replacement solutions affordable for everyone and means you can restore your hair without having to worry about the cost. 
If you’re interested in one of our hair replacement systems, or if you’d just like to find out more about the non surgical hair replacement, get in touch with a member of our team or drop in to see us today. 
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