Although a high-quality hair system should look good even when it’s not styled, adding a little structure and definition to your hair can help it look even better. What’s more, finding a hairstyle that suits you well can help to boost your confidence and ensure you feel comfortable when out and about with your hair system. 
If you’re not sure what type of hairstyle would best suit your look, take a look at our list of popular and on trend ‘dos. As well if you already wear a hair replacement system, then, this is the perfect place to choose the next haircut for you. 
Slicked Back Messy Hair 
Slicked back, messy hair is a great choice for men with hair systems and it allows you to easily blend your natural hair with the hair on the system. 
To help keep your hair looking deliberately messy, run some gel through your fingers before evenly dispersing the product through your hair. 
Brushed Back Haircut 
Keep medium-length hair on the top and your natural hair at the sides short to give definition to your new look. This type of hairstyle has been made popular by TV series Peaky Blinders over the past few years, so you’re guaranteed to be on trend. 
In order to keep your hair in place and sides slicked back, you may need to use gel, styling spray or even hairspray. Once your hair gets used to lying back in this style, you can probably reduce the amount of product you use and give it a more natural look. 
Side-Swept Fringe 
If you want a look that’s easy to wear smart or casual, a side-swept fringe is the perfect choice. For this style to be successful, your hair system needs to have plenty of fringe to work with. Having the hair at the front of the system a little longer than the hair at the back and sides will help your side-swept fringe to really stand out and look the part. 
Again, a bit of styling spray or another type of styling product, will help to keep your newly-styled locks in place. A side-swept fringe is the perfect hairstyle for men who want a relaxed and youthful look. 
Simple and Short Haircut 
If you prefer to keep your hairstyle simple, a classic short back and sides could be the solution. This hairstyle is in demand by men who don’t like to experiment with their hair and would like hair system that require minimal upkeep. If you want to keep your hair short, you’ll need to opt for a good quality hair system to ensure it blends in perfectly with your natural hair. 
Side Part Pomp 
The hair is swept up and to the side, creating height and structure in your ‘do. The side part pomp style works best when you have very thick hair on top, so make sure you invest in a heavy density hair system. This is a very trendy hairstyle, which can be easily personalised to suit any type of face shape and gives a groomed finish. 
Regular Haircut 
It’s one of the most traditional hairstyles for men, who just want to keep things natural and simple. The hair length at the back and sides - medium length, on the top - longish, which can be combed or left messy. 
A high-quality hair system won’t need a special cut or style to look good. So if you’re more comfortable keeping things natural, simply stick with your existing look. 
There you have 6 hairstyles that are all very popular with men, who wear hair systems. These stylish haircuts making men struggling with thinning hair or hair loss get the look they always wanted! 
Find out more about hair replacement systems, and learn about the products we offer, by exploring our site today. 
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